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airtel4G services for the first time in India with Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune And Chandigarh as coverage locations. Airtel 4G Plans offer best-in-class wireless broadband experience for lightning fast internet speeds. Airtel 4G is currently the most advanced technology available which offers high-level speed of up to 100Mbps in an ideal environment. This technology uses Long Term Evolution or Airtel 4G LTE platform and has brought home the latest fastest wireless Airtel broadband Plans access to India. Airtel 4G will allow swift access to high definition-HD video streaming, music downloads, instant photo uploading, rich gaming experience, multiple chatting, Airtel postpaid bangalore and much more along with rich content.Buy airtel 4G Dongle and WIFI for Free Demo and Home Delivery.
Airtel 4G Plans is currently available in Kolkata, Bengaluru, Pune and Chandigarh Tariffs at Bangalore are as follows:
Unlimited Postpaid Plans
1 Month Unlimited Plans Monthly Rental (Rs)   Hi-Speed Data Limit   Throttle Speed post FUP
Break Free - 3GB 650   3 GB   128Kbps
Break Free - 4GB 750   4 GB   128Kbps
Break Free - 10GB 999   10 GB   128Kbps
Break Free - 12GB 1299   12 GB   128Kbps
Break Free - 15GB 1449   15 GB   128Kbps
Break Free - 25GB 2049   25 GB   128Kbps
Break Free - 45GB 2999   45 GB   128Kbps
Break Free - 80GB 4799   80 GB   128Kbps
Break Free - 40GB 2000   40 GB   128Kbps
Special 4G Plans Monthly Download Limit Special Offer
2999-2 month plan 15 GB 2999
3999-3 month plan 12 GB 3999
  • On 2999 plan, customer gets 15GB/month data free for 2 bills, from 3rd bill, 1449-15GB rental plan is applicable.
  • On 3999 plan, customer gets 12GB/month data free for 3 bills, from 4th bill, 1299-12GB rental plan is applicable.
  • Rs.3999 and Rs.2999 free dongle offer to be paid upfront at time of SIM activation.
  • On the free dongle plans, no plan change is allowed till 6 months.
  • Free dongle part of the offer is dealer led, and airtel is providing the 4G data plan / services.
  airtel 4g lte
Device Pricing

airtel4g, airtel 4G, Airtel 4g plans, Airtel postpaid, Airtel broadband

Price (INR)
Indoor CPE   4000
4G multimode   1100 *
Now get airtel 4G dongle at just Rs.1500.
Smartbytes- Postpaid 4G Top-up Service from Airtel
Airtel also offers special top-up service, Smartbytes, for Airtel 4G LTE Network for incessant, uninterrupted online experience. Smartbytes allows customer to top-up from our affordable 4G LTE plans once they have exhausted their monthly data limits. These add on packs are very useful to continue enjoying your Airtel4G Plans experience without disruption.
The 'Smartbytes' service gives the flexibility to add to high speed data transfer limit and continue browsing at higher speeds.
Plan name   Price (INR)   Free usage (GB)   Charge after quota (INR)
1 GB   200   1 GB   Nil
2 GB   300   2GB   Nil
3 GB   400   3 GB   Nil
5 GB   600   5 GB   Nil
10 GB   1000   10 GB   Nil
Experience truly seamless online video experience with no buffer time. Video chat with your friends and family in high definition. Select online videos and just sit back and watch without interruption
Get any game within minutes with Airtel 4G's incredible speed.
Play live multiplayer games with anyone in the world in real time, with the lowest latency and best reaction time.
Download innumerable music albums online within seconds!
Download heavy files with ease within instant with airtel 4G internet. Just upload and store all your heavy files online and access them at anytime!
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Access rich content and multimedia applications eg: HD movies, games, music
  • High definition online gaming
  • High definition online gaming
  • Seamless online streaming without buffering
  • Higher uplink and downlink speeds
  • Simultaneous, multiple downloads of heavy files and high definition multimedia content possible
Airtel 4G, Airtel4g, Airtel postpaid, Airtel broadband, Airtel 4g datacard, Airtel 4g Dongle, Airtel internet, Airtel 4g wifi,
Choose from Airtel 4G LTE wireless devices designed for your specific needs. Whether at home or office, whether just for you or for many others, airtel presents select Airtel4G LTE devices to give you the supreme wireless 4G experience.   airtel 4g LTE
Airtel 4g plans, Airtel 4g, Airtel4g, Airtel postpaid, Airtel broadband, Airtel 3g, Airtel 4g data card, Airtel 4g Dongle, Airtel internet, Airtel 4g wifi, Airtel wireless internet